Archie Wright

Archie Wright

Dr. Archie Wright is the associate professor of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins in the Regent School of Divinity. He has been a member of the Regent faculty since July 2005. His Doctorate is in the area of Second Temple Judaism and biblical interpretation in early Judaism and Christianity.

He earned his Ph.D. at Durham University in England under the supervision of Professors Loren T. Stuckenbruck and C.T. Robert Hayward. Wright received both his undergraduate degree in New Testament and his Master’s degree in Ancient Languages and Early Judaism from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. His major research interests include early Judaism and the development of early Christian traditions, Synoptic Gospels, Johannine literature, Dead Sea Scrolls and Pseudepigrapha, reception of the biblical tradition in post-biblical Judaism, history and literature of post-biblical Judaism, Philo of Alexandria, Rabbinic Judaism, and world religions.

Wright was born in Scotland but grew up in Pennsylvania. He has lived in Israel for extended periods of time and enjoys taking students to the land that brings the Scriptures to life. Wright is married with three children and lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

Genesis 6:1–4: The Origin of Evil Spirits

The research presented here is concerned with the reception history of Genesis 6.1–4 in early Enochic Judaism during the Second Temple Period. I suggest that the non-specificity inherent in the biblical text of Genesis 6.1–4 allowed for one possibility of interpreting the passage by later Jewish authors who engaged with the text, the emergence of […]